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About Private Lessons

Private music lessons address the individual needs of the student and offer more personalized attention than is possible in class study. Demonstration by the instructor is an important part of every lesson.

A private teacher focuses on the details of a student's performance. This includes concentration on musicality and instrumental technique.

If a student has problems in a particular area the instructor can create specific exercises to help. The rate and quality of musical progress is greater than in group instruction.

Private lessons help develop confidence, and foster a love and enthusiasm for music in a non-competitive environment.


"Thank you so much for bringing your gift of music into our home." -E.D.

"I'm certainly impressed. Who knew in little ole Leesburg we might find such expertise?" -R.K.

"Thank you for your dedication and hard work teaching our son the wonders of saxophone music." -G.& M. H.

"We appreciate that you are beginning to work with the boys on writing music. They are always writing lyrics but have no idea how to put them to music." -B.W.

"We have so enjoyed you and your approach to teaching children. Thank you for everything!" -L.W.

"We appreciate you coming over and working with Forrest. We've noticed considerable improvement in his playing since he's been studying with you." -D.C.

"My boys have asked me numerous times if we could have you for lessons this summer. If there is room in your schedule, they'd really enjoy having you again." -J.S.

"Max did his tryout at school and Mrs. Newman thought he did fabulously and is considering him for Honor's Band. She recommended that he continue lessons. We're very pleased and know that it was because of your great effort in teaching him over the summer." -L.M.

"Ben did audition and he did get in!  He is quite excited! Ben was worried that he was going to have to stop lessons with you; he said he enjoys lessons with you because you challenge him!" -C.F.

"I just wanted to give you the good news and let you know that Jared was selected for District Jazz Band. We are very proud that he had the best score and made it. This is also big kudos to you as you can see your work is paying off." -J.L.

"I spoke with Nick after his lesson last night and he would definitely like to continue to work with you. He said he learned more in those 30 minutes than he has in the last 6 weeks in class.  He does so much better when he's one-on-one with someone and can ask questions and verify what he's doing. He even sat for 1/2 hour last night practicing on his own which he has never done; he's anxious to do another lesson. Thank you!" -J.N.